Cabarete is a small, laid-back Caribbean
beach village located only 20 minutes
away from the Puerto Plata
International Airport on the northern
shore of the Dominican Republic. It's a
perfect tropical vacation spot, especially
for the young traveler seeking fun, new
friends and sporting adventures. With
its charming, hip ambience and a
combination of relaxed and adventurous
lifestyles, most visitors can barely resist the spontaneous
temptation of extending their stay and just hang around the
place for another while. Cabarete's bay is an exceptional
location not only for water-sports such as kiteboarding and
windsurfing, but for regular surfing at El Encuentro beach as
well, and Cabarete's nightlife (restaurants, bars, discos and
casino) is legendary. If you are not having fun in Cabarete,
you must be dead.
Punta Cana
Punta Cana, named after a local
cape, is a region in the easternmost
tip of the Dominican Republic.
Covering about 4,200,000 m2, the
Santo Domingo
region is home to a coastline ofsandy white
and to a town of the same name. A region
once named Punta de Borrachón was merged with
Punta Cana by the founding investors in 1969.
Santo Domingo is the oldest city
in the New World, where the
settlement of all the Americas
began. See the first cathedral,
the first hospital. Wander down
cobble stone streets among the
Spanish colonial architecture and
imagine how things were back in
the 1600s.No other city in the
Cayo Levantado - Samana
Samaná is a province of the
Dominican Republic. Its capital is
Santa Bárbara de Samaná, also
known as Samaná City. Samaná is located on the
of the Atlantic Ocean in the northeastern
part of the Dominican Republic. It is known for its
mountains of which it is almost entirely formed.
Samaná has numerous beaches, and with the 6
November 2006 opening of the new Samaná El
Catey International Airport, it is bound to become
one of major tourist destinations in the Dominican
Puerto Plata is for those seeking an
attractively-priced R&R active
vacation with the option of lots of
places to visit in the vicinity. Puerto
Plata's centrally located
international airport is less than a
20-minute drive from most hotels.
Choose Puerto Plata if you like to
explore. Luperón, Maimón, Cofresí,
Playa Dorada, Costa Dorada are the main tourism enclaves
located near Puerto Plata city. Sosua and Cabarete are
about half an hour away. Luperón is about an hour’s drive
west of Puerto Plata and primarily caters to sailboat
owners that have discovered the safety of its harbor. It is
a laid-back community with restaurants scattered
throughout that also cater to the increasing number of
foreigners that have built their homes in the area.
Caribbean has a greater variety of restaurants
and night life.
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